How to donate

There is no official group to help support our repeaters and beacons and everything is funded by the members of the Martello Tower Group.  We have a lot of stations on the air and this is an expensive hobby.  If you are a user of any of the many services we provide then we would appreciate any donations, no matter how small.


Some years ago, the Martello Tower Group took over ownership of the Colchester 70cms repeater which had previously been funded by the Colchester club, this added to our regular outgoing expenditure.


Managing everything we do is time consuming and with recent regulation changes, we can't simply climb the towers to do maintenance work ourselves any more.  Any work at the top of the radar tower in Holland-on-Sea costs us a minimum of £150 per visit and we've had at least two of those in 2016 already.


Please note that it is not compulsory to make a donation to the group to be able to use our repeaters.  Nobody should feel that they are not welcome because they've not contributed to the upkeep.  The repeaters are there for absolutely everyone to use. The more people who use our repeaters, the happier we are!


If you wish to donate, you can do it via post to the repeater keeper:


Tony Horsman, G0MBA

12 Hanwell Close,


Essex.  CO16 7HF


Or you can donate via PayPal using the button below.  All contributions are gratefully received and will go towards the upkeep of the repeaters and other projects undertaken by the Martello Tower Group.  Donations are not used for special event stations and DXpeditions, they are all funded by the participants and nothing is taken from group funds.

Donations received

The following people have made donations towards the upkeep of our repeaters



Bill, G4OAX



Chris, 2E0DBY (regular monthly donation)

Roy, G4ZDY

David, M0STI (x2)



Chris, 2E0DBY (regular monthly donation)

Jon, 2E0JHL (regular monthly donation)

Paul, M0PFX

Terry, G4POP

David, M1AMI

Roy, G4ZDY

Bill, G1WJR



Chris, 2E0DBY (regular monthly donation)

Jon, 2E0JHL (regular monthly donation)

John, G7RWF

Kit, G6FLW (regular monthly donation)

Tim, 2E0EMY(ex-M6FRS) (x2)

Kev, 2E0HJA (regular monthly donation)

Gary, M6FCV (regular monthly donation)

Herbie, G6XOU (regular monthly donation)

Bill, G4OAX

Clive, M6EVD (x3)

Richard, M6ICE

Carl, M6RXU

Mark, 2E0FYA (ex-M3MGP) (regular monthly donation)

Caroline, 2E0SXH (ex-M6SXG) (regular monthly donation)

Roy, G4ZDY (x3)

Bernard, 2E0DPD

Garry, 2E0MGP (ex-M3NGC) (regular monthly donation)

Terry, G7AJG (regular monthly donation)

Bill, G1WJR

Marcus, M6HQL

Brian, G0GGM

CARS - Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Marc, 2E0EMZ (ex-M6KNV) (regular monthly donation)

Dave, G4AZR (regular monthly donation)

Martin, G7SQL (regular monthly donation)

John, G3YRZ (regular monthly donation)

Vic, M0VLL

Ernie, M6IWG

Peggy, M6KLV

Chris, M0TBZ (regular monthly donation)

Mark, M1NIZ

Andy, 2E0OLN

Jess, M6KOQ

Gordon, M0BVQ


If you would like to make a donation to the Martello Tower Group to help with the upkeep of the repeaters and other projects, please use the Donate button below.  Please include your name and callsign so you can be added to this page.

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