Slow Scan and Fast Scan TV


The MB7TV beacon

The Martello Tower Group runs a Slow Scan TV (SSTV) system on 2m FM.


MB7TV on 144.500MHz FM is an EasyPal Digital SSTV system developed by VK4AES.   It runs 10 watts ERP and is vertically polarised.  It is located on the Point Clear holiday park, near to the Martello Tower.


To find out more about SSTV we suggest that you read the excellent SSTV Primer by Michael Tondee, W4HIJ which can be found by clicking here.


We recommend the use of EasyPal for the digital EasyPal system.

Colin, M1EAK showing the MB7TV antenna and waterproof box containing the station.

‚ÄčM1EAK showing the MB7TV antenna and box containing the station

The insides of MB7TV,on the left you can see the radio, PSU, interface and a small thermostatically controlled heater designed to stop the system from freezing as it can get quite cold on that roof.  On the right the laptop is installed in the case.

MB7TV was rebuilt in early 2017, we were donated a replacement laptop for use with the repeater.  This laptop had a number of faulty parts which were all removed, taking it down to a bare minimal system.  It looks a mess but it works!


The view from the top of the Holland-on-Sea tower as transmitted by GB3CZ

The GB3CZ FSTV beacon returned to active service on 13th November 2010 on 2.432GHz.


It is located in JO01ot, grid reference TM218172 and at 80m ASL.


It runs 5 watts ERP, horizontally polarised through an Alford Slot antenna.

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