Slow Scan and Fast Scan TV


The Martello Tower Group operate an SSTV repeater, MB7TV using MMSSTV in repeater mode on 144.500 MHz FM.


To access the repeater, transmit a 1750Hz tone burst, wait for the CW ident and then send your picture within ten seconds.  The repeater will recognise the tone burst, store the picture and then re-transmit it.


In early February 2018, all the equipment for MB7TV was stolen from the site in central Clacton-on-Sea.  The kit was replaced and rebuilt by the Martello Tower Group within a couple of weeks and the repeater was relocated to a very secure site, the top of the Martello Tower at Point Clear, Essex. (JO01mt).


You can find out more about SSTV by reading the excellent primer by Michael Tondee, W4HIJ by clicking here.


There is a Twitter account set up which will automatically tweet all images heard by MB7TV.  This is a Python script written by Nic, M0SRI and is a handy way to see how well your picture has been received.


The view from the top of the Holland-on-Sea tower as transmitted by GB3CZ

The GB3CZ FSTV beacon returned to active service on 13th November 2010 on 2.432GHz.


It is located in JO01ot, grid reference TM218172 and at 80m ASL.


It runs 5 watts ERP, horizontally polarised through an Alford Slot antenna.

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