What do we do?

GB3TE – 2m voice repeater
GB7TE – 2m D-Star repeater
MB7TV – 2m SSTV repeater
MB7UA – 2m APRS digipeater
MB7UH – 2m APRS UI-View digipeater
GB3CE – 70cms voice repeater
GB3CL – 70cms voice repeater
GB7CL – 70cms DMR repeater
GB3CZ – 13cms FSTV beacon
GB3PKT – 10 GHz beacon
GB3PKT – 24 GHz beacon
G0PKT/B – CW propagation beacons on 30m, 10m and 6m

In addition to this we run QRSS and WSPR stations and some members of the group run other services, not specifically linked to the Martello Tower Group.  We also have an ADS-B receiver situated on the roof of the Tower.

How is all this paid for?

The members of the Martello Tower Group all make a monthly contribution into the club funds.

Our regular outgoings are:

Internet costs for various connected systems (D-Star, DMR and SSTV).

Insurance – Every GB/MB callsign incurs a cost.

Regular maintenance, aerial replacement, aerial riggers, etc.

Our special events such as GB5RC are independently paid for out of the members pockets, we don’t use club money for those whatsoever.

How you can help

We barely have enough money in our accounts to keep things going.  All it will take is an unexpected equipment failure to force stations off air.

If you use any of our services, please consider making a donation to the Martello Tower Group – A one off donation is great but if you can manage a small donation of (say) a fiver a month then that will make a big difference.

You can donate either via post to the repeater keeper:

Tony Horsman, G0MBA
12 Hanwell Close,
Essex, CO16 7HF

Or you can donate via PayPal using the button below.