Final planning complete. Less than a month to go.

Earlier this week we had our last planning meeting for our DXpedition to Herm and we’re now on the final countdown. ¬†Everything is looking good, pretty much everything we needed to build has been built and there are just a few things left to complete.

Updates from the island will be sent via our individual twitter accounts and also from the main Martello Tower Group account.  Keep your eyes open for the #herm2013 hashtag.

Martello Tower Group @g0pkt
Keith, G6NHU @g6nhu
Tony, G0MBA @Tony_G0MBA
Kevin, M0GWE @M0GWE
Yan, M0YNK @YanmanHF
Chris, 2E0DBY @chrisriley13

We look forward to working you from Herm from the 4th to the 9th October 2013.


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