Next stop – Herm Island (EU-114)

I’m writing this in the early hours of the morning of the 4th October.  I’ll be leaving home in the next few minutes to pick up Yan, M0YNK and Chris, 2E0DBY.  Richard, G7HJK is collecting Tony, G0MBA, Kevin, M0GWE and Colin, M1EAK and we’ll be convoying down to Weymouth.  We are taking the 11:30 boat to Guernsey and from there we’re heading over to Herm later this afternoon.

We’re not exactly sure when we’ll get on air, we’ll either pull a late one tonight and get all the aerials up ready for an early start on the air tomorrow morning or we may just put up one aerial this evening and get ourselves on the wireless tonight.  If we do that, it’s likely to be 40m.

Keep an eye on the DX Cluster for spots of GP0PKT or for more live updates, follow @g0pkt on Twitter or search for the #herm2013 hashtag.  You can also follow some of the individual members of the group @g6nhu @YanmanHF @Tony_G0MBA @m1eak and @M0GWE.

We look forward to working you from Herm and good luck in the pileup!

Keith, G6NHU

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