Change of logging software on Herm – Was N1MM, now Win-Test

We’d originally planned to use N1MM logging software for our DXpedition to Herm but three of us took a trip to 2O12L, the Olympic Amateur Radio Station for London yesterday and saw they were using Win-Test on all five of their stations with them all networked together.

I’d previously discounted Win-Test because of the cost but I spoke to one of the operators at 2O12L and discovered that Win-Test has a DXpedition mode which is free. ┬áToday I’ve tried using Win-Test with my own Kenwood TS-590 and I’m very happy with the way it works so we’ll be using it instead of N1MM for our logging on Herm.

As a bonus, there’s an add-on to automatically upload to ClubLog so I’ll be getting that configured and hoping we have a good internet connection.

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