Martello Tower Group DXpedition to Herm – 2013

I said in a previous post that we’ll be going back to Herm in 2013 and I am very happy to announce that this is now confirmed.

This year we are going for one extra day, heading to Herm on Friday 4th October and returning on Wednesday 9th October.  Full details can be seen on The Plan page.  I’m pleased to say that we have an additional team member, Kevin (M0GWE) and this addition is reflected on The Team page.

Kenwood UK are once again loaning us a TS-590 and we’re very grateful for this.  We will be running three stations, two of them equipped with TS-590s and the third will be using a TS-2000 with upgraded filters.  We’ll still be using Win-Test in DXpedition mode for our logging.

So to repeat what I said back in April 2012:

“The cottages are booked.

The ferry is booked.

We are going to Herm!”

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