Change of logging software on Herm – Was N1MM, now Win-Test

We’d originally planned to use N1MM logging software for our DXpedition to Herm but three of us took a trip to 2O12L, the Olympic Amateur Radio Station for London yesterday and saw they were using Win-Test on all five of their stations with them all networked together.

I’d previously discounted Win-Test because of the cost but I spoke to one of the operators at 2O12L and discovered that Win-Test has a DXpedition mode which is free.  Today I’ve tried using Win-Test with my own Kenwood TS-590 and I’m very happy with the way it works so we’ll be using it instead of N1MM for our logging on Herm.

As a bonus, there’s an add-on to automatically upload to ClubLog so I’ll be getting that configured and hoping we have a good internet connection.

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Exactly one month to go

Where has the time gone?  In exactly one month from today, we will have arrived on Herm and should be operating already!

I know this because this reminder popped up on my phone at lunchtime.  As if we could forget 🙂

Martello Tower Group DXpedition to Herm reminder

Martello Tower Group DXpedition to Herm reminder

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Worked All Britain

Many people chase squares for the Worked All Britain awards and so I’ve spent some time investigating the W.A.B. square we’re going to be in on Herm.  Herm sits right on the intersection of two grid lines so there are four squares which cover the island, two of them are shared with Guernsey, one is shared with Guernsey and Sark and the final square is exclusive to Herm.

I am pleased to announce that we’re going to be located in WV48 square which is exclusive to Herm.  We won’t be actively collecting W.A.B. squares ourselves but if you work us and want ours, please ask.

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